Don’t We All Have Students Write in High School?

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Well, yes…I have been teaching English Language Arts for three years now. Going into my fourth year, I will be moving into a Writing Teacher role. My tenth grade writing class will be in addition to the regular ELA course students take.

Why do we need TWO English courses?? According to our local community college (and my own graduate course professors), freshmen are entering college with below level writing skills at a staggering rate. Why is this happening? It’s simple…too many standards to get through and not enough time. My class boosts writing across the curriculum, ELA, writing in the disciplines…all of it.

But, why a blog? I finally feel like I’m at a place in my career where I can use my unique experiences with students and combine it with my passion for curriculum writing and lesson planning. As an English major with several courses in writing, as well as experience teaching writing workshops and working with writers, I feel that I have something to offer teachers. Are you a writing teacher looking to spice up the classroom? Are you an English teacher, science teacher, vocational education teacher that needs to add some writing or grammar activities to your class routine?

That’s where I come in. Welcome to WritinginHighSchool! I hope you find what you’re looking for.

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