Who do you think about?

Stay with me here as I set this post up. There’s a teachable moment in here, I promise.

I have this tendency to allow nostalgia to completely overwhelm me and it gets me in trouble. It’s as if I create drama where there once was none. This curiosity of what happened to people from my past becomes insatiable. And I often wonder if anyone has ever wondered the same about me.

Who do you think of?

Have they tried to find me on social media? Have they tried texting a long gone phone number?

The summer reading book we’re having our students read this year is “I Will Always Write Back”, a story about pen pals from the USA and Africa who become lifelong friends. It’s not nostalgic to read. But, it did give me an idea.

Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels.com

Originally, I was going to have my students perhaps write to each other or even to me. But I want to teach them this year how to be reflective individuals. I want them to be able to put their experiences and feelings into words. So, I’m going to do something different with our letters this year.

I want my students to write to people they think about from time to time. The people that are unresolved stories. The people we never got an ending with. Dead or alive. No matter who they are.

Photo by Castorly Stock on Pexels.com

We won’t send these letters. Instead, they will seal them into envelopes and address them with just their own name. These letters will be given to them to decide what to do with.

Would it feel good for them to burn it? Tear it up and throw it away? Toss it into the ocean? Bury it? Mail it? Keep it and read it years from now?

That part is up to them.

My question to you is this…who did you think of while reading this post? Write them a letter. Do whatever you want with it. But let me know how it went.

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