Writing IN high school

So originally, this blog was all about bringing writing and grammar back into high school English classes. As high school teachers, we tend to have enough standards to focus on without worrying about basic grammar lessons such as sentence diagraming.

Yet, we get frustrated when students continuously do not know how to write in an academic genre. It’s a vicious cycle.

So, I continue to teach grammar and writing. Currently, I am doing a writing bootcamp with my students. I’ll probably put that on my Teachers Pay Teachers store after I finish the unit so I can work out any kinks on my guinea pigs–my students!

But this post is about a different type of writing in high school. I was sitting at my desk yesterday during prep and BAM, my writing inspiration came back.

Side note: Yes, I write manuscripts that will hopefully someday become novels if I actually commit my time and energy.

So, here I was, writing in high school about…well, high school. And my childhood. And my adulthood. Suddenly, I had this memoir outline. But I’m nervous about writing it.

What if people recognize themselves? What could happen to me? Should I reach out to certain people to give them a heads up? I have questions for some of those people, too.

Was I a “Big Moment” in your life, too? Do you wonder about me too?

I recently read an article about how everyone has a “Big Ex”, and that could include a job, a friend, a home, not just a love. Many people have many “Big Exes”. Others have one. But, according to this article, we all have at LEAST one.

I have a job that will stick with me. I have a “father figure” that will stick. I have an ex that will stick. Do you have one?

And then my mind likes to do this thing where it asks “What if I wasn’t anyone’s big anything?”. What if I’m forgettable? That type of thinking is what I like to call “it’s time to go to therapy”.

Anyway, with all that being said, I just wanted to check in. Let everyone here know I am working on new content for TpT. I have just been completely swamped with the year beginning.

My students are amazing. My school is great. I have been doing yoga 2-4 times a week again. Things are good, but busy.

And yet I still have time for my mind to wander…to those what ifs. So, I’ll leave you with Taylor Swift lyrics because that’s fitting for me and it goes well with this memoir idea and that article I just read.

I knew you’d linger like a tattoo kiss. I knew you’d haunt all of my what ifs.

Taylor Swift, Cardigan

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