INFORMATIONAL WRITING for online, hybrid, or in-person learning

This set of informational writing prompts are a NO PREP solution for online learning, hybrid learning, or in-person learning. They were both made for Google Drive so you just make a copy and your lesson for the day is all set.

This works for any informational unit, as a Do Now, as sub plans, or as a last minute “I have too much time less this period” activity.

Each of these assignments comes with links to informational articles for students to read and a prompt for them to respond to. There are 5 prompts for each item (ten total prompts if you buy the set!).

I love a good “No Prep” item. Sometimes I am sick of planning or worrying. I just want to check in on skills. Or, I’m literally sick and need a break. So, I like to make it my goal to create No Prep lessons for my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

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