New Lesson: Step-by-Step Analysis

New Product Alert! I just created a step-by-step lesson on analyzing. My students have been struggling with analysis- often stating facts or not supporting their claims.

I realized no one had taught them explicitly how to do this task! Analysis is needed in all walks of life and can be applied to any lesson (almost, maybe not math?!).

I took it upon myself to slow it down and walk them through an analysis. Starting with a poster that we all know, Uncle Sam, I walk the students through a step-by-step process to analyze it.

What is the ad’s intent? What elements tell you that? How are those elements effective? How do those elements support your argument? (You get the idea)

Then, I assign students a small portion of a text we are reading (currently Lord of the Flies) and have them do a close read. Again, step-by-step, the slides walk them through analyzing that portion of text for literary elements.

Once they know the literary elements, they explain how those elements are used in literature and how the author was effective in their intent behind writing that portion of the text the way they did.

After all of that, students turn this into a draft essay. Then, the slides guide them through partner workshops to check for completeness. Did the student prove their analysis?

The best part? There is MINIMAL prep involved. All you really need to do is assign a close read passage from a text you are reading or want students to analyze. Other than that, you could simply step back and let them go.

The lesson can stretch into 2 days with one night of homework. Interested in more NO PREP or MINIMAL PREP lessons? Check out my TpT store!

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