New Year, No Prep

I am just here for a quick announcement while I am on a self-imposed social media break because I needed to tell you-

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It’s almost time to head back to school for the new year. In a show of solidarity, I am offering huge discounts on my NO PREP bundle units that span from several days to several weeks.

December 30 to January 1, head to my Teachers pay Teachers store to check out my discounted products and other materials!

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I have multi cultural units, units that work to bring Black Lives Matter discourse into the classroom in a respectful way, units that focus on argumentative writing and writing on-demand (informational writing or expository writing).

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Working with students with several distinct backgrounds, I found it vital to bring these discussions into the classroom in order to allow for everyone to speak about their cultures, backgrounds, and concerns. It was with great thought, collaboration, and respect that I made these lessons.

I hope these lessons can help bring conversations and comfort to life in your classroom as well. Please let me know though how I can do better if you have thoughts.

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