Crunch Time

In honor of what I call “crunch time” (those few days right before you return to the classroom), I am throwing another 20% sale. This will most likely be it for sales until Black Friday so shop now! I know our budgets are tight and our stress levels are through the roof so if I […]

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Big Bundle of Nerves

We start our PD on Monday and I am excited and it doesn’t seem real. But I’m also afraid. If I made a list of my fears, I’d drown. So instead of listing my fears, or even the overwhelming facts and to-do lists, I want to list my hopes. I hope I can be a […]

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Back to School

But nothing’s quite the same… So this year, I am beginning the year in a support role. This will be my first Fall without a classroom position lined up. I’m sad but I’m still hopeful and keeping my eyes open for the right opportunity. Without a classroom to prepare, I’ve been hard at work creating […]

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