New Lesson: Step-by-Step Analysis

New Product Alert! I just created a step-by-step lesson on analyzing. My students have been struggling with analysis- often stating facts or not supporting their claims. I realized no one had taught them explicitly how to do this task! Analysis is needed in all walks of life and can be applied to any lesson (almost, […]

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NO PREP Holiday Lessons

I just posted 2 brand new NO PREP lessons for right before holiday break. They make great one off minilessons to reinforce concepts and skills. The first product is a Literary Analysis on 3 different short stories. The first story, students are walked through how to do a literary analysis and what to focus on. […]

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Polaroid Poetry

Polaroid Poetry is a cooperative digital activity that students LOVE. Students take nature or pet (any non-human) photographs and send them to you to approve and add to the Jamboard or Powerpoint or Google Slide Polaroid templates. You then share the Jamboard or Powerpoint or Google Slide as a class and assign students to write […]

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Writing IN high school

So originally, this blog was all about bringing writing and grammar back into high school English classes. As high school teachers, we tend to have enough standards to focus on without worrying about basic grammar lessons such as sentence diagraming. Yet, we get frustrated when students continuously do not know how to write in an […]

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Crunch Time

In honor of what I call “crunch time” (those few days right before you return to the classroom), I am throwing another 20% sale. This will most likely be it for sales until Black Friday so shop now! I know our budgets are tight and our stress levels are through the roof so if I […]

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Big Bundle of Nerves

We start our PD on Monday and I am excited and it doesn’t seem real. But I’m also afraid. If I made a list of my fears, I’d drown. So instead of listing my fears, or even the overwhelming facts and to-do lists, I want to list my hopes. I hope I can be a […]

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Back to School

But nothing’s quite the same… So this year, I am beginning the year in a support role. This will be my first Fall without a classroom position lined up. I’m sad but I’m still hopeful and keeping my eyes open for the right opportunity. Without a classroom to prepare, I’ve been hard at work creating […]

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